Asset Inventory: Tracking Software Licenses

FAQ About Sage FAS Asset Inventory – I see a trend.

I’m getting the question about how to use the Sage FAS Asset Inventory solution to track software licenses within an organization. Although there are many free “sniffer” solutions out there that will go out and obtain each users software licenses, sometimes, that’s not enough.

You can utilize the Sage FAS Asset Inventory solution in two ways:

  1. Create a new ‘company’ called Software License.  You can rename all the fields that are available in Asset Inventory (yes, even the ones that are already named out of the box).  You can name them: operating system; office version; accounting software; etc.  Then you can create drop-down choices in the SmartList (aka: drop down) to incorporate versions, types, etc.  Other fields you can track information on are the obvious: Registration Codes, Serial Numbers, Purchase Dates, Renewal Dates, Warranty Dates.  FAS Asset Inventory also allows you to upload and attached images to your assets/line items.  So if you wanted to scan in your warranty docs, purchase orders, shipping slips, etc. you can!
  2. Implement software tracking INSIDE your current FAS company.  Instead of keeping your software licenses separated, you can implement this same scenario within the same company structure that your Asset Accounting users are utilizing.  The largest BENEFIT of this is to keep ONE record of the workstation in ONE place.  Which drastically improves communication between departments AND the balance sheet.  Which IT Departments may not care too much about, but Accounting sure does!  Difference – you may be limited to the number of user fields.  FAS Asset Inventory has 10 ADDITIONAL fields that do not carry over to the Asset Accounting interface.

The Sage FAS solutions have many different ways you can slice and dice.  So, think outside the box when considering inventory and depreciation solutions — better yet, let me help you: Angie (877) 824-6834.  Let’s chat!

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