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AssetFlow Web Portal For Fixed Asset Accounting

Fixed Asset Consulting, LLC launches new online platform to simplify and centralize fixed asset management for companies with multiple locations or users.


EUGENE, OREGON – September 06, 2017Fixed Asset Consulting, LLC, a firm led by nationally recognized fixed asset expert Angie Chase (formerly Bolton-Lyons), has announced the launch of AssetFlow. AssetFlow is a web portal for companies with multiple offices and users that want to simplify and take control of their fixed asset management process. The web-based platform allows customers to continue using their existing on-premises asset accounting software while leveraging a web portal to view, manage, and consolidate their data in a single, centralized location. The AssetFlow portal is now live and available to customers on a subscription basis.

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Press Release: Fixed Asset Outsourcing

New Fixed Asset Management Outsourcing Service Launches

Fixed Asset Consulting, LLC (https://fixedassetconsulting.com) launches new outsourced service for companies that lack the in-house resources or expertise to navigate complexities of fixed asset management.

EUGENE, OREGON – December 3, 2012 – Fixed Asset Consulting, LLC, a specialized consulting firm led by noted Fixed Asset Management expert Angie Bolton-Lyons, has announced the launch of its new Fixed Asset Outsourcing service. The new offering solves accounting and compliance concerns for companies who lack the in-house resources or expertise to navigate the complexities of Fixed Asset management.

According to Bolton-Lyons, the new fixed asset outsourcing service fills a huge gap in an underserved market. “There aren’t many fixed asset outsourcing options out there and even fewer with the level of experience that we offer. At a recent tax accounting conference, every CFO I spoke with said the same thing about their fixed asset management process: it’s a mess.”

After providing fixed asset consulting and technology solutions for nearly 20 years, Bolton-Lyons notes that for some companies, knowing how to manage fixed assets isn’t enough.  She says, “Many of our clients also need someone to take control of and ‘own’ the process itself – reconciling assets, creating depreciation calculations and journal entries, and generating reports for state and federal requirements.  That’s where the new outsourcing service comes in.”

The new Fixed Asset Management Outsourcing service begins with cleaning up and organizing existing fixed asset data, followed by:

  • Generate depreciation schedules and fixed asset registers
  • Generate reports for book, state, and tax purposes
  • Create journal entries for general ledger postings and reconcile back to financials
  • Provide tools and processes for tracking new fixed assets and disposals moving forward
  • Provide year-end audit support including Form 4562 and other documentation for tax purposes

The most convincing argument for outsourcing fixed asset management goes beyond compliance or convenience. Bolton-Lyons also points out that the ROI is tremendous. “When clients see how much time and money we help them save, they’re convinced.  In most cases, we’re able to accelerate deductions and generate more allowable expenses, all while reducing their administrative overhead. They also appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing their fixed asset accounting is accurate and compliant with current tax code.”

Fixed asset outsourcing is available on a monthly or quarterly basis and starts as low as $89 per month depending on the number of assets to be managed.  Bolton-Lyons says, “We’ve set a low barrier to entry and are providing businesses with an option they may not have considered or even known about. You can simply go on with your daily business activities and still get the benefit of expert fixed asset management at a price that’s extremely affordable.”

Go online to http://www.FixedAssetConsulting.com to learn more about the company or their new fixed asset management outsourcing service.

About Fixed Asset Consulting, LLC

Offices located in Eugene and Portland, Oregon as well as San Diego, California.  Providing fixed asset management solutions, such as the Sage Fixed Asset product lines, training, data conversions, physical asset inventories, fixed asset management outsourcing services, and a wide array of additional fixed asset consulting services for almost 20 years.  Serving small, mid-sized to large Fortune 100 companies all over the United States and other countries when necessary.

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SAP Fixed Asset Accounting

Fixed Asset experts, Paragon Systems, now authorized for Winshuttle Query & Transaction utilities to simplify enterprise asset management and reporting for larger customers using SAP.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) December 29, 2011

FAC (http://www.FixedAssetConsulting.com) has announced their certification for both Winshuttle Query and Winshuttle Transaction software utilities for SAP reporting. Using the Winshuttle utilities, FAC is able to help larger U.S.-based companies overcome significant shortcomings and inefficiency associated with the native fixed asset management functionality in SAP.

Angie Bolton Lyons, Senior Fixed Asset Consultant and Sage FAS Fixed Asset expert at FAC, says her company’s interest in Winshuttle began by listening to customer needs. “Many of our larger clients using SAP Fixed Assets were running into significant challenges. When it comes to fixed asset management, accounting in SAP isn’t well-localized for U.S. companies.” Bolton-Lyons says that those clients were forced to use spreadsheets and perform manual calculations outside of SAP in order to manage important processes like quarterly tax updates, reporting, and complex deprecation calculations.

The right tools, she says, make all the difference. “The data doesn’t extract cleanly out of SAP fixed assets if you’re using Excel or some other manual method. But with the Winshuttle utilities, we’re able to get the live data out easily and accurately using a simple three-step process. It’s so much cleaner, faster, and most importantly saves our clients a tremendous amount of time and hassle.”

FAC consultants use both Winshuttle Query and Transaction utilities to pull accounting data from SAP and transfer it seamlessly into Sage FAS Fixed Assets. Bolton-Lyons says, “Sage FAS Fixed Assets is far more flexible and capable when it comes to enterprise asset management. Once the data is in Sage FAS, our clients can run calculations and get the numbers they need in minutes – not days or months.”

According to Bolton Lyons, the problems with SAP fixed asset accounting (http://FixedAssetConsulting.com) really aren’t unusual. “FAC knows fixed asset accounting is a different animal and requires specialized knowledge. To some clients, it may seem counter-intuitive to add more software to an enterprise system like SAP. But Winshuttle Query and Transaction are really just utilities that make their existing investment more valuable and useful.” She adds, “And when they see how much time, hassle, and costs that we eliminate from the fixed asset process, it’s a no-brainer for our larger clients.”

———— UPDATED 03/2018 ——————————————-

FAC has since then created their own automated tools that pull directly from standard SAP fixed asset accounting reports and automates the data flow into other fixed asset solutions (like the Sage Fixed Assets Premier solution for Tax purposes).  For additional information on our SAP fixed asset accounting solutions for use with the Sage Fixed Assets systems for Tax, State and AMT reporting and tax depreciation purposes, visit: https://www.fixedassetsoftware.com/sap-tax-depreciation


Sage Summit 2011 Fixed Asset Management Workshops

Sage authorized consultants from Paragon will team with current Sage FAS customers in three breakout sessions to discuss best practices in fixed asset accounting and management at the Sage Summit 2011 conference.

Chicago, IL – July 5, 2011 – Paragon Systems (www.FixedAssetExperts.com), a nationwide provider of Sage FAS Fixed Asset Management software, has announced participation in the Sage Summit 2011 conference as an exhibitor as well as a workshop host.  In addition to their display in Booth 733, Paragon will also present three breakout sessions discussing the advantages of fixed asset accounting and management with Sage FAS Software.  The conference will be held at the Gaylord National Hotel and Conference Center in Washington, DC.  July 10 – 15, 2011.  Sage Summit 2011 represents a new format that combines both Sage Authorized Business Partners and Sage customers at the same event.


Beverage Distributors Benefit from Fixed Asset Management

Paragon Systems teams with Dresser & Associates to help wholesale beverage distributors gain control of fixed assets, HR and payroll costs.

Chicago, IL and Scarborough, ME – MAY 18, 2010 – Two leading Sage Business Partners, Paragon Systems and Dresser & Associates, have formed a strategic alliance focused on the fixed asset, payroll, and human resource management needs of wholesale beverage distributors. Paragon Systems (www.FixedAssetExperts.com), a Sage FAS software provider, helps companies reduce tax liability and increase cash flow through effective fixed asset management. Dresser & Associates (http://www.dresserassociates.com/), a Sage Abra HRMS provider, provides human resource (HR) and payroll management systems that improve workforce productivity. By working together, the Sage Authorized Partners will combine complementary resources, technology, and industry experience to provide wholesale beverage distributors with greater control of their businesses and a significant reduction in operating costs.

Angie Bolton-Lyons of Paragon Systems explains that both firms share a client focused philosophy as well as extensive experience with wholesale beverage distributors. “Our clients tell us they feel confident working with Paragon and Dresser because they don’t have to explain how the beverage industry works – we speak their language and are like an extension of their staff. That experience provides us with tremendous momentum in helping our clients to cut costs and improve financial control in a short period of time.”

Jeff Byrnes of Dresser & Associates notes that beverage distributors often outsource HR, payroll and fixed asset management without giving it a second thought. “Our clients are rethinking that strategy once they discover all the hidden costs of outsourcing. By bringing fixed asset, HR, and payroll management in-house, beverage distributors are seeing enormous cost savings for so many things – property taxes, insurance, payroll, administrative overhead, and regulatory compliance.” Byrnes adds, “Once we’re able to sit down with a beverage distributor and calculate the return on investment, it’s an easy decision for them.”

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Fixed Asset Management Blog Popular with Readers Seeking Accounting Answers

“Crazy About Your Assets,” authored by asset accounting expert Angie BoltonLyons, informs and entertains …in plain English

Chicago, IL – May 6, 2010 Upon approaching its one year anniversary, “Crazy About Your Assets,” a blog published by fixed asset accounting consultancy and Sage FAS Fixed Asset software provider Paragon Systems (www.fixedassetexperts.com), has achieved tremendous success and fantastic feedback from its many new and returning readers. Written and edited by fixed asset accounting expert Angie BoltonLyons of Paragon Systems, Crazy About Your Assets addresses common fixed asset management issues, delivers insider tips for using Sage FAS Fixed Asset software, provides updates on fixed asset legislation and depreciation rules, and shares personal experiences of the author while working in the field. 


Fixed Asset Management New York and New England

Press Release [full version] 

Paragon Systems Expands Fixed Asset Management Services to New York and New England

Inventory and fixed asset management strategies help regional businesses in New York and New England gain foothold in economic recovery.

Chicago, IL – February 9, 2010 – Paragon Systems (www.FixedAssetExperts.com), a division of Paragon International, has enhanced its East Coast operations in response to increased demand for its Fixed Asset Management services spotlighted by recent client engagements throughout New York and greater New England.  While Paragon has been providing services to companies in New England and the East Coast for over 25 years, the recent surge in demand is driven by their clients’ desire to implement creative strategies for increasing cash flow during a tough economy.  The company has also bolstered its staff of fixed asset management consultants and client support personnel in the region.

Scott Swarts, President of Paragon Systems observes, “Fixed asset management is a unique breed of accounting.  Even experienced accountants can overlook potential savings.  Our customers on the East Coast have gained a new appreciation for the value of our services.  Not only can we help properly track and depreciate assets for tax and insurance savings, our work makes compliance with regulatory requirements – GASB 34/35 and Sarbanes-Oxley, for example – simpler and more straightforward.”

The ongoing expansion in New York and New England not only indicates increased awareness of the importance of physical fixed asset management, Swarts notes, it also points to the success of the Paragon growth strategy.  “It’s only natural that we find new clients in New York and New England, home to many of the nation’s leading financial institutions.  It represents the epicenter of the economic recovery and a great opportunity for everyone involved.”

With offices in Portland, OR, Kansas City, KS, Chicago, IL, and now on the East Coast, Paragon System’s Fixed Asset Management services help clients reduce tax liability and save on insurance through improved management of fixed assets.  The company also performs cost segregation studies, Section 179D energy credit studies, construction cost audits, business valuation services, real estate appraisals, and appraisals of machinery and equipment for insurance and financing purposes through Paragon Valuation Group – a division of the parent company, Paragon International, Inc.

Paragon Expands Asset Valuation Services to Kansas City Area

Company hires Richard Gilbert to manage new office, providing asset valuation services, cost segregation studies, and fixed asset depreciation strategies. 

 Kansas City, KS – November 18, 2009 – Paragon Valuation Group (http://www.paragonvaluation.com/) has announced the opening of a new office based in Kansas City, Kansas, led by 25year industry veteran Richard Gilbert. Increased demand for asset valuation services, cost segregation studies, and fixed asset depreciation strategies has fueled unprecedented growth for the company. The expansion provides a regional base for serving the Paragon Valuation Group’s existing Central U.S. clients and for prospective new clients interested in improving cash flow through accurate and independent asset valuation strategies.  [Read More]
 Angie’s Fun Fact, number… “a lot”: everything Paragon does, releases cash flow into your piggy bank – not only paying for our awesome and valuable services… but provides your business with some ‘give’ in your budget.  Yes, even during these crazy economic times.  We ARE showing you the mon-ay!