• Do Fixed Assets have you feeling Underwater?

    We take on the accounting, financial analysis, and reporting responsibilities for all of your fixed assets.

Fixed Asset Accountant – Outsourcing

From Acquire to Retire…

Everyone knows (or should) that you shouldn’t have your best, most skilled Accountant or Data Analyst acting as your fixed asset accountant. Not to say that fixed asset management isn’t important enough, it’s that your more experienced employees time should be better spent.

Most companies do not have an employee who manages their fixed assets; however, Fixed Asset Consulting offers to help your business manage its assets more efficiently (for both GAAP and federal Tax, State and AMT depreciation) with our quality fixed asset accountant services.

Our in-house fixed asset accountants take on the accounting, financial analysis, and reporting responsibilities for all of your fixed assets. In addition, we understand both GAAP and federal Tax depreciation methods, as well as the rules and regulations, so we can maintain all depreciation books per fixed asset line item.  Our service includes asset additions, adjustments, account analysis, disposals, asset transfers and journal entry support.  We can also provide account reconciliation, SOX audit assistance and reporting if necessary.

Fixed Asset Accountant Management Responsibilities Include:

  • Monthly asset additions, disposals, transfers and adjustments.
  • Implement additional descriptive fields of information for reporting and organization.
  • Secure web portal for single or multi-location data entry.
  • Approval workflow option for additions and disposals with internal personnel.
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual depreciation runs and reports.
  • Audit report requests included and provided when needed.
  • Reconciliation back to your general ledger reports and support.
  • Maintain an accurate depreciation schedule for all depreciation books.  Including: Tax, GAAP, State, AMT, ACE and (2) user books.
  • Data entry by invoice and attaching for digital record keeping (optional).

Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports Include:

  • Deprecation Expense Reports
  • Net Book Value
  • Fixed Asset Summary (Roll-Forward)
  • General Ledger Posting report and digital output for upload to most Accounting systems
  • Year-end Forms and Reporting for Filling and Audit Support
  • Asset Disposal Reports
  • Fixed Asset Transfers

Additional services and reports are always available. >> request

Fixed Asset Service Levels

  • Small Business Asset Accounting
    Less than 1,000 asset items to maintain.

    Starts at $250 a month

  • Mid-Sized Asset Accounting
    1,001 to 5,000 assets to maintain.

    Starts at $650 a month

  • Large Sized Asset Accounting
    5,001 to 15,000 assets to maintain.

    Starts at $1250 a month

  • ERP Asset Accounting
    15,001 to unlimited of assets.

    Starts at $1,995 a month

To learn more about the risks associated with managing fixed assets via spreadsheets, read Sage’s White Paper,  The Cost of Spreadsheets in Fixed Asset Management.


We do not use spreadsheets to maintain or calculate depreciation as they have been proven over and over to create error in ending balances.  If you currently have your fixed asset register in spreadsheets, we will reconcile and convert your data as necessary to be uploaded to our automated depreciation solution(s).