Fixed Asset Services

Fixed Asset Consulting can assist you with part or all of your fixed asset needs.  If you are tired of taking care of them yourself, or your current fixed asset manager is not “owning” their job… FAC, LLC can just take it over entirely!

Fixed Asset Accountant – Outsourced

Most companies do not have an employee who specializes in managing their fixed assets; however, Fixed Asset Consulting offers to help your business manage its assets more efficiently with our quality services.

Serving as a fixed asset manager for your business without the expense of an employee, our company processes your monthly data, runs a package of monthly or quarterly electronic reports, and then sends the finished reports to your business.  FAC, LLC not only acts as your fixed asset manager, but as your data ‘cloud’ too.

Fixed Asset Best Practice Consulting

To help streamline your business’ workflow process, we can assist you and your team to move in the right direction.  After you contract with us for our services, we will come to your business and clean house. Everything, from instructing your fixed asset employee about the best business practices regarding fixed assets to providing software that best fits your needs, is performed by our company.

In addition, we oftentimes act as a mediator for the finance and IT departments within your business in regards to fixed assets. Occasionally, each department has its own agenda and sometimes these agendas conflict.

Physical Inventory Tracking

Allow us to help your business find, tag, and reconcile your fixed asset inventory. Fixed Asset Consulting comes in and provides tagging for all fixed assets using a completely automated and streamlined process, and reconciles them back to your books.

Fixed Asset Data Reconciliation

Financial books are generally kept internally for fixed assets, whereas federal Tax and State depreciation are kept elsewhere. Our company offers a complete audit of all your fixed asset data on a one-to-one basis. Essentially, we ensure that you have a clean and accurate set of books.