SAP to Sage Fixed Assets Automation

SAP Fixed Assets Tax Depreciation – Theres A Cure

Being in the fixed asset space for more than 16 years, I’ve seen a lot of challenges with fixed assets and how to get integration to just ‘work’ and not break every time there is a new version change to either systems.

In addition, large ERP solutions lack on federal Tax, AMT and State depreciation needs; especially when legislation changes are made.

The Sage Fixed Asset Depreciation (formerly Sage FAS) does a fantastic job at tackling those federal tax calculations as well as other major challenges ERP fixed asset modules lack:

  • Multi-search capabilities – more than just an SAP Main #, but wild card characters, easy queries for every field in Sage FAS
  • Bulk Disposals/Retirements – especially for industries that deal with store closures, refreshes, moves, etc.
  • Cost ADJUSTMENT true-ups – sure you can change the cost, but the system doesn’t true up that calculation leaving your asset either under or over depreciated at the end of its useful life
  • Tax forms and worksheets
  • Mid-quarter testing and calculation switches
  • the list goes on…

Trouble is and has always been – if an organization still insists on using SAP fixed assets for internal GAAP depreciation, getting the data out of SAP and into FAS can be a total nightmare.  Disposals and processing adjustments or 3115 changes can be a manual process and take a lot of time – not to mention room for human error.

Digging in deep and rolling up our sleeves here at FAC, LLC we’ve come up with a handful of utilities to assist with this process.  The best benefits?  Automated. Error proof. Doesn’t break when there are version releases to SAP or Sage Fixed Assets.

Finally a solution for large companies with a lot of fixed assets and a lot of activities.

Inquire at: angie@fixedassetconsulting.com