Custom Middleware Technology

eFormatter – Automating manual processes making them fast, easy and accurate for Tax and Finance departments

Originally developed as a tool used internally for client data conversions and complex data integration, eFormatter can be utilized in a much grander scale by, well, just about anyone in any industry. Everyone seems to struggle with the same formatting issues with system integration and data conversions.  This completely customized middleware technology, eFormatter, makes the process much easier with just 3 simple steps:

  • Build

    1. Build – Our consultants will work with you to figure out how we build your custom eFormatter.  Which reports do you run weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. How dynamic do you need it to be for the end results your after?  We can make just about anything happen.
  • Upload

    1. Upload – Once your custom build is finished, tested, and up and running in the cloud, you can upload those report(s) – as many times as you need.
  • Go!

    1. Go – Run validation and download into your completed file format to be used for uploading into another system, out into a complex report, etc. in a matter of seconds.

Custom Middleware Technology Examples:

  • System reconciliation engine: Our client can upload a standard report out of their SAP ERP solution and their fixed asset solution at any given point of time -> upload to their eFormatter Library Item -> process, download -> review their results across multi-tabs in excel.  Eight tabs were created to check against: SAP Main Number, Cost, Placed-in-service dates and if they were missing in either system.  ROI: What used to take 25+ hours to manipulate, reformat, run v-lookups and other Excel based formulas, now only takes seconds – literally.
  • Data conversion tool: Complex reports are ran and exported out of SAP ERP accounting solution -> they needed to have the data scrapped and taken out of six (6) separate reports, data conversion formatting rules were applied, additional data fields were added based on ‘if-than statements’ and complex formulas were also coded -> upload 6 reports at the same time, validation process completed, downloaded results -> able to import the final output into their other system without touching ANY data in the .csv file. ROI: It took 45 – 60 hours a quarter with 2 – 3 employees, but now it only takes 30 minutes in total to push data into 5 different databases.
  • Data consolidation: Multiple .PDF reports are ran out of a fixed asset management solution across multiple databases -> eFormatter was created to pull specific information out of each .PDF report, and produce a reformatted complex reconciliation AND data conversion output -> client uploads over 250+ pages across 5 .PDF reports each month, validates, processes and downlaods -> file is now ready to be uploaded into their budgeting software.  ROI: Previously, it took 2 different employees in 2 different departments with a total of 20 – 25 hours of human data manipulation.  With their custom middleware technology solution, it’s down to 20 minutes and no data errors.

Other eFormatter Information

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