Integration with Non-Sage Accounting Solutions

AP/PO and GL Integration’s With Sage Fixed Assets

As our ever evolving technology grows, we all want it to continue to grow with us, which requires integration!

While Sage Software does a phenomenal job of providing free integrations between most of their accounting solution packages to the Sage Fixed Asset depreciation solution and back to the general ledger – not everyone is using a Sage accounting package.  What’s everyone else supposed to do, you ask?  FAC came up with a few choices:

Custom AP/PO Integration Utility – Database Driven

The programmers here at Fixed Asset Consulting have made some amazing custom integrations to pull data from AP/PO back end database structures and push it into the Sage Fixed Asset Depreciation module.  Our standard utility can be modified to pull from ‘most’ Accounting Solutions that are written with a SQL back-end.  Includes:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Validation rules written to check against the SFAS Depreciation rule base
  • Duplicate entry checking
  • Allows various ‘cells’ to be edited within the screen and updated in real time for import
  • Can be customized to enter in ‘quantities’ to create multiple asset lines when sent to SFAS
  • Customized to include additional data entered into AP/PO
  • Report automatically opens in Excel after the import into SFAS so you can see which line items were a success, which ones had errors (and the error), and any that you may have deleted in the utility interface

eFormatter – Report Driven Integration

eFormatter is a web-based portal used to transform data output from various file formats into an importable file ready for Sage Fixed Asset Depreciation.  Providing a lower cost of ownership than a full fledged ‘custom integration utility’, eFormatter pulls data from monthly reports in a variety of file formats: .csv, .xml, .pdf, .xlsx, etc. The data is then reformatted to be brought into the Sage Fixed Asset Depreciation solution without any human contact.

Reports can be a combination of file formats or the same format.  It doesn’t matter if  it the data must be pulled from one large report or 200 reports.  All reports in the same file format get uploaded at once, validation is performed, then you process the file.  That’s it.  Three simple steps, and your file is ready to upload!

Advantages of eFormatter as your Integration Solution

  • Doesn’t connect directly to your accounting solutions database – it’s ‘report’ driven
  • Doesn’t break when third party software versions are updated/upgraded
  • It’s an online solution – no installation required
  • Completely custom to YOUR workflow and data needs – there isn’t too much we can’t do with it… seriously
  • It’s QUICK!  Cuts processing and formatting time down significantly – in some instances, days
  • Accurate – error proof
  • Secure upload – once processed and downloaded – data is ‘off the cloud’

Curious as to which integration option makes sense for your workflow?  Call us today to schedule a short integration discovery at (541) 221-3450 or request additional information.