Sage ERP Premier AP/PO to Sage Fixed Assets Premier

Internally called: MAS to FAS

Created due to client need, there is now a way to move your capitalized fixed assets from Sage ERP Premier Accounts Payable (AP) or Purchase Order (PO) into the Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation – Premier solution.  There is NOT one built between these two systems from Sage Software (at this time).  There is, however, a seamless integration built between the Sage Fixed Asset Depreciation module to the Sage ERP Premier General Ledger (GL).

The ‘MAS to FAS’ link from FAC, LLC  and SWK Technologies, Inc. allows the end user to call over the capitalized assets that were entered in either the AP or PO screen, update (if needed), validate, and send over to Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation Premier – quickly.

The AP/PO Integration Process – In a Nutshell

  • FAS Database: This selector allows you to select the FAS database that the new assets will be created in.
  • Company: This selector will list all of the companies available in the selected FAS Database. It will determine the company that the newly created assets are attached to.
  • Main Work Area: Lines imported from MAS will appear in a grid. You can interact with them (modify certain fields and delete rows) here as well.
  • Row Information: When you select a row from the Main Work Area, if there are warnings or errors within that row, the text is displayed.
  • Get Lines: Clicking this action will import all lines from Sage ERP Premier AP/PO that have a Transaction Date greater than or equal to the Last Run Date, and have a non-null value in the UDF_ASSET_TEMPLATE field. All lines come into the system with an error stating that the row has not been validated.
  • Validate: Clicking this action will start a validation process where MAS to FAS will do everything but save the asset to the database. The lines in the grid will be updated to reflect any issues found during the validation process. Although this step is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.
  • Process: Clicking this action will process the lines and create assets in the database. At the end of the process, a summary Excel spreadsheet will open with three tabs listing assets that were created, lines that had errors, and lines that were deleted.

Application Installation

‘MAS to FAS’ must be installed on a computer running the Windows 7 or 8.1 in addition to the latest version of the Sage Fixed Asset client. It does not have to be installed on the same computer with the Sage Fixed Asset database. To install ‘MAS to FAS’, simply double click the setup executable and follow the directions.

This integration is available as ‘out of the box’, and can be customized with additional functionality based on need and other requirements.  Reach out to us at any time to discuss, or get a demo, of how this integration to Sage ERP Premier to Sage Fixed Asset Premier works.