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Affordable Fixed Asset Accounting – Outsourcing

Starts @ $250 /month

Small Business Asset Accounting
For businesses with 1,000 or less fixed assets, and minimal asset activity.

Starts @ $650 /month

Mid-Sized Business Asset Accounting
Perfect for those businesses or organizations with 1,001 to 5,000 fixed assets.

Starts @ $1250 /month

Mid to Large Sized Business Asset Accounting
Designed for those with a little more fixed asset activity, between 5,001 and 15,000 assets, and/or multiple entities.

Fixed Asset Accounting & Management Services.

from Eugene and Portland Oregon

We have the best fixed asset management consulting services for business situations, such as:

  • You go PUBLIC
  • You GROW your business or organization
  • You go through another ACQUISITION
  • You MOVE or OPEN offices
  • Before your MANDATORY REPORTING is due
  • Before you need to file your Tax Depreciation – FORM 4562
  • Your STATE filling is required
  • Your PROPERTY TAX filing is due
  • Worse… a NATURAL DISASTER happens.  You will need a complete list for your insurance claims.
  • And certainly not least… your NEXT Capital Project starts

Fixed Asset Accounting - Outsourcing.

FAC, LLC takes on the role of your Fixed Asset Accountant and ‘owns’ the position and responsibilities.  You provide us with your monthly or quarterly asset additions, disposals, transfers, adjustments, etc. and we do all the rest.

Fixed Asset Consulting.

Our consultants work with you and your team on projects  that include – internal departmental workflow, policy and procedural writing, fixed asset controls, physical asset inventory road map and processes, as well as integration concepts.

Fixed Asset Inventory Services.

Offering physical fixed asset inventory services.  We fit whats right for you and your inventory project: consulting on how to do it properly with an action plan, Project Management & Training, or perform the whole project.  Price bundles available.

We’re Crazy About Your Assets.

Depreciation calculations should always be processed through an automated system, so you can get back to more critical parts of your business or organization.

Fixed Asset Management Services

  • Fixed Asset Consulting: Our consultants work with you and your team on various fixed asset management needs and requirements.  Projects include – internal departmental workflow, policy and procedural writing, fixed asset controls, physical asset inventory road map and processes as well as integration concepts.
  • Fixed Asset System Selection Consulting:  Having trouble finding the right fixed asset management solution for your companies needs and requirements?  Regardless of if your upcoming fixed asset management project is mid-scale or extremely large and complex, our Consultants at Fixed Asset Consulting can assist you with your system selection. Includes on-premise or SAAS / Cloud solutions.
  • Fixed Asset Inventory Tracking / Audit Specialists: Search and retrieval of all fixed assets is the name of the game.  From custom asset labels to tagging, reconciling the data with a quick turn around, and all the way to providing a web-based asset life cycle solution (if needed), rest assured, you and how your assets will be tracked, are in good hands, what…. GREAT hands!
  • Project Manager: Need a Fixed Asset Project or Physical Inventory overseen by a highly experienced Fixed Asset Project Manager?  We are available to analyze, schedule, track, train and coordinate all aspects of your project to ensure your project is done on time and on budget.
  • Sage Fixed Asset Solution (FAS) Professional Services Team: over 20+ years of professional services on the Sage Fixed Asset Accounting solutions: Depreciation, Inventory Tracking and CIP / Planning systems.  Data conversion, reconciliation, system analysis, training and more.
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