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Comprehensive Fixed Asset Management Solutions

No one understands the complexities of fixed asset management better than we do. Choose from our packaged services or work with us to tailor a project just for you.

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Sage Fixed Assets Software (SFA) Implementation and Optimization

As one of the rare Sage SFA consulting partners, Fixed Asset Consulting offers over half a century of Sage-based expertise.

Specializing in Sage Fixed Assets Software, we’ve identified that 90% of Sage users use less than 20% of its potential. This underutilization leads to missed opportunities, inefficiencies, poor departmental communication, compliance problems, and more. We can help you avoid miscalculations, over/under-depreciation, overpayments, and budget overruns–and keep you on track.

Even for corporations with over $10 billion in fixed assets, we swiftly pinpoint and execute potent SFA strategies to boost your bottom line.

Capital Asset Lifecycle Process Enhancement

Revitalize your capital asset management with our targeted review, process enhancement, and strategic goal setting. Complex capital asset lifecycle processes can spiral out of control.

We offer proven solutions, tried and tested at some of the world’s largest asset-heavy businesses, to regain control and generate significant savings. Our method begins with a rigorous analysis of your current procedures, identifying and addressing risks, inefficiencies, and procedural gaps.

We harmonize your data management across all interfaces and create a targeted action plan for process improvement, standardization, and automation. We introduce superior solutions, system integrations, and approval workflows.

To ensure lasting success, we update your policies, train your team, and remain committed to driving measurable progress towards your goals.

Construction-in-Progress (CIP) Management

Navigating the intricate landscape of Construction-in-Progress (CIP) management, particularly within the realm of fixed asset accounting, demands specialist expertise.

Fixed Asset Consulting is dedicated to empowering your business with proven strategies that simplify CIP complexities and foster reliable, efficient processes.

End-to-End Fixed Asset Outsourcing

Lean on our expertise. We can manage your entire fixed asset accounting process end-to-end, from the initial onboarding stage right through to year-end reporting and audit support. Our comprehensive service offering ensures seamless and efficient fixed asset accounting, empowering you to focus on your core business while we handle the complexities of fixed asset management.



We convert and reconcile your fixed asset sub-ledgers into the Sage Fixed Asset system, rectifying any errors for a smooth transition.


Monthly Activity

We meticulously manage the sub-ledger database with monthly activities and run depreciation in accordance with your fiscal calendar.



We provide a comprehensive range of standard fixed asset reports, ensuring accuracy through a rigorous reconciliation process before uploading.


Year-End and Audit Support

Our year-end services include tax reporting, reconciliation, adjustment histories, and crucial tax forms. We also offer advice on breaking down into discreet assets and componentization.