About Us

Fixed Asset Consulting uses technology, expertise, and experience to help the world’s biggest companies find better ways to manage fixed asset accounting.

Who we are

Over 75 years of combined experience

Fixed Asset Consulting is a unique and specialized practice focused on helping medium and large, asset-intensive businesses streamline and optimize their fixed asset accounting processes.

With over 75 years of combined experience, we employ specialized technology and unique processes to enhance compliance, expedite monthly closing, eliminate unnecessary expenses in taxes and insurance, and achieve substantial reductions in labor costs and auditing fees.

Why Choose Fixed Asset Consulting?

Fixed Asset Focus

Fixed asset accounting process improvement is all we do.

While it’s one of the most important—and potentially valuable—pieces of the entire accounting puzzle, it’s also one of the least understood and most poorly managed.

We know it inside and out and can help you improve drastically in months, not years.

Technology Smarts

Fixed asset data is stored and processed in a dizzying array of systems: ERP; asset inventory software; federal, state, and international tax software; compliance software; and, of course, too many homegrown spreadsheets.

We have the technology smarts to identify, consolidate, and stage that data quickly and painlessly, without spending millions on lengthy systems integration projects.

Deep Experience & Real Results

Combined, our principals have spent 75 years guiding companies including Berkshire Hathaway, Siemens, Nike, HCA Healthcare, Verizon, Caterpillar, and many more through initiatives leading to over $1 billion in total fixed asset savings.

Our People

Smart. Curious. Driven. We love what we do!

Fixed Asset Consulting was established by three exceptionally experienced and skilled leaders in the field of fixed asset management and accounting.

Together, they recognized how severely underserved this specialized niche of accounting was for many of the world’s largest firms and determined to provide the market with better options.

They bring a combined 75 years of experience using best practices and technology to streamline fixed accounting processes to uncover hidden value amounting to millions for asset-intensive companies worldwide.

Our Executive Team

Chief Oporating Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Technology Officer


If you work in an asset-intensive industry, we’ve got you covered.

While fixed asset accounting shares many of the same difficulties across a wide array of industries, we understand that every industry—and every situation—presents unique challenges.

Our experience across all these industries (and many more) ensures we’re able to bring time-tested, innovative, and effective solutions to your environment.

Agriculture & Forestry




Food & Beverage








Transportation & Logistics

Waste Management


The Company We Keep

Fixed Asset Consulting is proud to partner with these fine companies.


Sage has innovative software to manage your accounting, people, payroll, payments, and more.

SWK Technologies

SWK Technologies provides transformational software and technology solutions to over 5,000 SMB, mid-market and small enterprise companies across the U.S.

DSD Business Systems

DSD Business Systems is an award-winning cloud accounting, ERP, CRM, Human Resources & custom development technology partner with 45 offices serving the needs of small- to medium-sized organizations throughout North America.


What’s Shakin’

New consultancy, Fixed Asset Consulting LLC, brings expertise and innovation to optimize fixed asset accounting processes for businesses worldwide.


Come geek out on fixed assets and have some fun!

Are you a fixed assets geek, a talented systems architect, a gifted programmer, or an expert accountant looking for an exciting opportunity outside the mainstream?

We’re always interested in meeting talented, positive, motivated folks who follow their passion—and share it with our clients.

Contact us at careers@fixedassetconsulting.com to learn more about how we’re changing the fixed asset consulting landscape and to see if you might be a fit.