Angie Chase

Angie Chase is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in fixed asset consulting and software automation. With a focus on mid to large scale businesses, Angie has extensive global experience and is an expert in automated business processes, capital lifecycle process improvement, construction in progress accounting and audit and SOX compliance support.

Angie is a passionate professional with profound expertise in fixed assets. After attending Western Oregon University, she took a three-month hiatus in Australia before diving into her first “real job” as an associate at technology firm Trillium, in Portland, OR. She quickly became the lead salesperson for the company’s Sage Fixed Assets Software, proactively reaching out to a multitude of incoming web leads and closing 90% within a short close time

Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, Angie established her own fixed asset accounting consulting firm as a sole proprietor at the age of 24, in Eugene, OR. Rapidly gaining traction, her practice soared to become the top reseller of Sage Fixed Assets software globally for four consecutive years.

Seeking a deeper understanding of accounting firm operations and standards, Angie joined regional CPA firm Jones & Roth for a 2-year stint. In this role, she refined her skills and cultivated valuable relationships with various Sage and Microsoft business partners across the globe, expanding her knowledge of capital lifecycles across diverse industries.

Throughout her journey, Angie discovered an unexpected passion for fixed assets, developing a deep appreciation for tasks such as conducting physical inventories, executing data conversions, and implementing process improvements. Her hands-on experience as a user, in addition to her role as a sales and consulting professional, provided her with unique insights and perspectives.

In 2004, Angie embarked on a new chapter by establishing a new sole proprietorship, Fixed Asset Consulting. Simultaneously, she became an on-call trainer and product development advisor for Sage Software’s Fixed Assets division, further enhancing her expertise and expanding her client base. With an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, she formed successful partnerships and served numerous clients.

In 2018, Angie joined Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC) as the Global Director of Fixed Assets, a role that provided the opportunity to manage over $13 billion worth of large-scale fixed assets and to oversee global-scale, highly capital-intensive operations. Collaborating closely with PCC’s expert accounting team and a global user community of the firm’s custom-developed capital software systems, she gained invaluable insights and experienced transformative “ah-ha” moments that solidified her passion for the field of fixed asset accounting.

During her successful tenure at PCC, Angie recognized her unique ability to perceive the bigger picture within the realm of fixed assets—a skill that set her apart. In 2023, motivated by the desire to share her expertise and passion with other struggling businesses, Angie decided to relaunch a stronger, reconstituted and revitalized Fixed Asset Consulting LLC, with three expert partners.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Angie’s personal life revolves around her beautiful family. As a proud single, working parent, she finds immense joy and fulfillment in raising her four children. According to Angie, “My love and appreciation for my family is what drives me to succeed and inspire those around me.”



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